Is Porn Bad for Me? The Truth About Pornography Every Man Ought to Know

Is watching porn everyday bad? If so… HOW so? Will it affect my sex life? Will it help me be better in bed? Do women like guys who watch porn? And if not… WHY not?

The truth is, we gets lots and lots of questions about how pornography affects just about every area of a man’s life. From relationships… to sex, to work and just about everything in between, unchecked… we ALL know that porn can become addictive.

How so?

1. Recent sex studies show that many men (at least 2 out ever 10) will PREFER watching porn over having sex with their current partner. (or going out to form or find new real world relationships)

2. Many men claim that watching porn affects work productivity as well… with about 30% of men saying that we get less work done because we’re either watching porn, or thinking about it, and our work suffers as a result.

Here is the funny thing…
Pornography is a completely different animal and experience in 2013 than it was even 10 years ago. Tumblr, for example… the largest microblogging platform in the world may NOT be considered pornographic per se, but the vast majority of the traffic that emanates from Tumblr is actually for “adult” oriented content. (pics, gifs, links, videos and more)

Which means?

You don’t need to even go to a traditional “porn” site to be watching it anymore… you can actually be on a totally “G” rated site for work, personal or play, and end up viewing images, and imagery that becomes distracting and interferes with your attention and affection and ultimately, can suck you in. (no pun intended)

Here is what you need to know about “using” adult oriented entertainment in a healthy and empowering way

1 – Sex is good for you! The more intimate connection you have with others, the better your life (in general) will become. Sex is obviously a huge part of that process, and if watching porn either by yourself, or with a partner contributes to that experience, than by all means… it can be a very healthy thing to do!

2 – However, if you find yourself feeling a sense of “shame” about what you watch, where you watch it and how often you think about it… than, it’s a good idea to re-think it’s affect on your life.

As a general rule?

if you are thinking about WATCHING sex more often than thinking about HAVING sex, it’s the first red flag that many sex therapists and mental health professionals claim is a warning you may have an addiction, or dangerous obsession.

Lastly, remember… life is a contact sport. If watching porn feels like it’s taking the place of RELA intimacy in your life… go with your gut.

And from a woman’s perspective…
Sex is a great way of expressing aliveness, fun, freedom and a sense of spirit as well – and it’s always a lot more fun with a partner, than by yourself in private!